Top 5 Secret Melbourne Events – July 2015

We’ve done some serious rummaging to get you through July 2015 in Melbourne. We usually give you our top five events each month – this time we’ve dug a bit deeper to find some things you probably haven’t heard of.

Future Future (Free): July 3 – “North Melbourne Town Hall becomes a creative playground of the future, where music, light, sound and performance will keep your senses wide open and your feet in motion.”

Underground Cinema: July 3-5 – Needless to say we love Underground Cinema – their next performance, Money, looks like it’s going to be a blast!

Scratch Warehouse Creation Station: July 5 – “HOOT! HOOT! All aboard the train with anticipation, come take a ride to creation station, a magical destination, imagination plantation, love cultivation, cuddle sedation, mind masturbation, funky activation, collage adaptation, possible claymation, and that’s not all the information.”

Bowie Late Nights  @ ACMI (Free): July 17 (Every Friday until 30 October) – “Enjoy a drink as a line-up of interstellar Australian bands, performers, electronic artists and musicians, including Total Giovanni, Bombay Royale, Geraldine Quinn, Sleep D and Chela, take to the stage every Friday night throughout the exhibition.”

Winter Playground (Pillow Fort Party): July 18 – “Yes, we are building a giant pillow fort. Yes, you are invited! Come early and help build the fort, or just join in the fun. Dreamy and silly music over two spaces. A night of pure organic fun.”