QV Tropical Retreat Launch Party

The team at QV uses their primo location to good effect a few times a a year.

This promised to be one of those times.

A Tropical Retreat in the middle of the Melbourne winter in the middle of Melbourne. Intrigued? We certainly were, and were lucky to make it to their launch party. I always love going to the opening and closing nights of events — the energy/relief factor just adds that little something!


photo via Hothouse Media

The ‘Retreat’ is set to run from 4-27 June. The team has organised a host of workshops both free and almost free. The almost free are great — think, a rice paper roll course for $15 which includes 8 rice paper rolls — whilst the free are really free. Every day of the retreat there will be free lunches from an assortment of QV restaurants. Each day is different but if Roll’d, Mad Mex, Oporto, Shop House Kitchen and Schnitz are to your liking get down before 12:30pm to chow down and experience the space for yourself. (I won’t lie to you I went down the next day…)

The space itself doesn’t disappoint. It’s hot, it’s packed with tropical trees, a tiki bar, hammocks and a DJ set! So a greenhouse in the middle of Melbourne. Nice.



photo via Hothouse Media

The launch party was equally spectacular. Delicious lychee laced beverages , scrumptious bites and a table of the best chocolate-inspired spread from Sisko Chocolate that I have ever experienced.


To top it all off there were Polynesian dancers…yep!


photo via Hothouse Media



The retreat is open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm. Check out the full list of events, and read about the launch on The Modern Con, String of Events, Young Red VioletsThe Urban List, Couturing, Have Shoes Will Party, and  Style Hunter.


Disclosure: The Plus Ones were at the launch party courtesy of QV and Hothouse Media.


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