General Store & Co. Bar Launch

General Store & Co. is the new bar in town. As soon as I entered I knew that I would like this place.

It goes for a house-party-away-from-home vibe. What does that mean? Cocktails in big red Solo cups, a range of different rooms upstairs and down stairs, a courtyard, nooks and crannies everywhere, and a trout farm. Okay, so the trout farm is a little atypical — but why not? The rustic American theme works a treat, and I suspect the venue will really liven up the northwest side of the CBD. The General is located at 213 Franklin Street — think the Queen Victoria Market/backpacker/lawyer district.

In my opinion, General Store & Co. would easily hold its own in Fitzroy or Collingwood which is no mean statement for a northsider like myself. The team has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the design and I loved the little surprises as I slowly discovered new rooms in the bar.

Photo courtesy Jean-Louis Carvalho (

Photo courtesy Jean-Louis Carvalho (

I started by walking into the courtyard, then discovered a hair dressing salon…then discovered a taxi-themed bar…then another upstairs section with New York-esque views over the courtyard…then a crate facade of the Statue of Liberty… and of course, the trout farm. Surprises just kept coming!


I think they know who they want to attract. A flyer noted that on Wednesdays the venue will have $2.50 vodkas… Mmhmmm! Look forward to wiling away many a night there.

Photo courtesy Jean-Louis Carvalho (

Photo courtesy Jean-Louis Carvalho (

Note I may have snuck a Reese’s peanut buttercup, which along with a smorgasbord of other American treats are lined up in large jars as you enter the venue. I’m not sure if they are there to be taken but if they are, then the bar might just be my new favourite.

Photo courtesy Jean-Louis Carvalho (

Ruki and Theresa with friends. Photo courtesy Jean-Louis Carvalho (

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– Ruki

General Store & Co.
213 Franklin Street
Melbourne VIC

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were at the bar launch courtesy of Zilla & Brook.