Waterslide bar opening at Southgate

Let’s be clear: there is no actual waterslide at Waterslide Bar. The name ‘Waterslide’ hearkens back to the historical waterchute that used to be located on Southbank, propelling fully-dressed adventure-seekers into the Yarra. Perhaps it’s something the owners of Waterslide can think about doing this summer as a pop-up. For now, you can visit the bar for the splendid drinks and views over the Yarra.

'drink me!' - photo courtesy Fuller PR

‘drink me!’ – photo courtesy Fuller PR

The cocktails are designed by man-about-town Fred Siggins. Not only did he lead Ruki through the world of whisk(e)y with The Humble Tumbler last year, but he bartends at award-winning The Black Pearl and writes about pubs for Time Out Melbourne. The man knows his way around liquor, is what I’m saying. The cocktails are pretty spesh. At the launch party, I had a few too many of the delightful mini bottles of pre-mixed Johnny Walker Gold Whiskey & Yellow Peach Punch, and even got over my gin aversion for a sip of Ruki’s Gin & Lavender Gimlet Punch. The Paloma (grapefruit and tequila) is a classic, and there’s even a magnificently strong gin cocktail, the Grace Kelly, served in a teacup. I dare you to drink it whilst putting on a posh accent. Food-wise, the menu showcases the bar snacks.  The mini burgers are adorbs, the arancini balls are yum, and the twice-cooked pork belly skewers are mmmtastic.

Waterslide Bar

Fuller PR agent Barton, Theresa, and Ruki – photo courtesy APL Photography

I’m a fan of Southgate — I’ve been to Hophaus quite a few times after attending their launch last year, and of course Southgate Cinema is a must. You can keep things caszh if you’re hitting the free films, or get dressed to the nines for a swanky night out. This is where Waterslide Bar excels. The after-work or weekend crowd who want great views, tasty nibbles, and special cocktails are going to turn this into the hottest new ticket in Southbank. And maybe, just maybe, if everyone begs, they’ll think about putting up a huge Slip’n’Slide this summer.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa counts herself lucky she’s allowed to get gussied up and check out brand-new venues around Melbourne.

Waterslide Bar
Southgate – MR3/26 Southgate Ave
Southbank VIC 3006

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Fuller PR.