Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019: Anna & Helen

A packed auditorium at teatime on a humid Saturday, and the audience would need a show to help break through that difficult period of afternoon fatigue before the evening Fringe revelry kicks in.

Step forward Anna and Helen, with their show ‘STUCK IN A RAT’.

Anna and Helen are two Australian singers, musicians, and comedy entertainers who are working together on this show.  The aim of the show is to help you if you feel you have become stuck in a rat, er rut, as the duo explained there was a typo when ordering the promotional materials for the show.

There are a couple  more ‘typos’ which run through the show; the section on ‘Heath and Fitness’ being very amusing as they deduce spending more time doing this will improve your wellbeing so we see a video film of them doing situps whilst reading Ted Heaths memoirs.

Yes, it’s all a little tongue in cheek and irreverent but it appears the ladies have had a fun time producing it, and you can’t help but be swept along with their enthusiasm.  

Coupled with a very inventive use of video films which interact with the show, with the on-screen Anna and Helen conversing with the on stage ladies, means that the show has to run smoothly to ensure no hiccups so a lot of planning has gone into this.  There are also several musical numbers which gives the duo the opportunity to showcase how talented they are as both don keyboards, guitars, and even a drumkit to perform with great flexibility.

The highlight of the show for me was when Anna has an impromptu first date with a member of the audience and she clearly received more than she bargained for as the audience member seemed to have found the love of his life!

A charismatic performance performed inventively, and something a little different to the norm.

– Steve Heald