National Museum of Scotland: Art of Glass

Another event for me to see in the National Museum of Scotland, ART OF GLASS.

I didn’t know what to expect to see when visiting this event today as glass as an art form was not something I’d really stopped to think about.  The only visual forming in my mind prior to the event was stained glass windows, the type you would see in church. And sure enough, there was a representation of this.  A Scottish artist called Pinkie Maclure had created a remarkably modern looking glass window which was hung to view at the exhibition today. Pinky likes to create modern social commentaries via her installations and this is certainly a contemporary alternative to the traditional stained-glass windows you’ve seen at your local congregation.

What else is there to see in the exhibition?  Well, as you walk into the venue there is a unique display that grabs your attention immediately.  How to explain what it is? Quite impossible! The piece is entitled ‘Glass Cyphers’ and is created by two artists, Griet Beyaert and Paul Miller.  Griet is a glass artist whilst Pauls specialism is digital art. In collaboration they have created this unique piece which symbolises light and space, and our place within these boundaries.  Projecting blown glass inside a black box and then illuminating it to dramatic effect, as I say you are best visiting it yourself as I can’t do justice on this page as to how dramatic it looks.

Other exhibits demonstrate what a uniquely varied landscape exists in the world of glass art so there will be much to interest all tastes.  Another striking exhibit has been created by Emma Woffenden, a glass figurine which looks part skeletal, part tailors dummy.

Throughout the exhibition there is colour, dramatic shapes, cool design.  Well worth a view.

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