Edinburgh Zoo & The Easter Hunt

Are you are looking for a wonderful way to tire the kids out whilst entertaining and educating them?  May I suggest Edinburgh Zoo?  It may be an old classic but it’s worth checking out the website as often the zoo creates little events which create a novel entertaining new method of viewing the day.

One such event took place over the Easter weekend.  Edinburgh Hatchfest was its name; With an Easter egg theme children had to find the ‘eggs’ which were posted onto the walls of eight animal enclosures.  All eight enclosures involved animals that laid eggs, and all were well placed around the entirety of the zoo so your infants would love running around the environs attempting to locate the correct locations.  A map of the zoo is supplied with the eggs highlighted, so an oft-needed skill, map reading,  is presented to the children in a fun way. Furthermore once the eggs have been discovered there is a question to answer about each animal, and once every question has been answered the children submit the completed quiz with the hope of winning a competition.  A fun way to educate the children.

Meanwhile, as you stroll around the zoo you discover all the old favourites:  The meerkats, now TV stars, always a cute huge draw; The array of monkeys, as lively and entertaining as ever; The penguins, with their fantastic enclosure were a popular animal, and of course regularly you can see the different daily events that take place such as the penguin march.

Once again on my visit that old enemy of Edinburgh, the weather, thwarted my hope of a dry afternoon but with plenty of great cafes and tea rooms there is always a location to recharge and dry out.  

If you haven’t visited the zoo, or if it’s been a while, I guarantee there will be something new for you to see and you may be lucky with an event such as the Edinburgh Hatchery, a novel way of seeing the zoo from a distinct perspective.

I must say that this reviewer, walking solitarily around the zoo hunting for the eggs, possibly the oldest participant of the competition at a mere 48 years of age, could only find seven of the eight!  Perhaps a younger pair of eyes were needed to help me complete a full set.

Steve Heald
Writing is my passion, contact me if you would like your event reviewed.