Myra in Space takes off at fortyfive downstairs

On Friday night, The Plus Ones had the pleasure of attending, Myra in Space, written by Bridgette Burton and directed by Alice Bishop. Currently showing until 17 September at fortyfive downstairs, in Melbourne CBD.

The story follows Myra Foreman, our protagonist, who dreams of something more than her everyday life, her marriage, and the role she is expected to play as a mother. Her dream? To be just like her idol, Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. It’s a powerful symbol of her yearning for empowerment and self-worth.

Image credit: Jody Jane Stitt

The play brilliantly tackles Myra’s struggle in realising that some childhood dreams are not so easily forgotten. This production does flirt with some darker themes, but it is perfectly balanced with humour. It’s easy to relate to that menacing inner turmoil between personal ambitions and societal pressures, and we found ourselves cry-laughing on quite a few occasions.

Image credit: Jody Jane Stitt

Kelly Nash’s portrayal of Myra’s journey from housewife to a hopeful astronaut was authentic, relatable and moving, alongside her mostly-endearing husband Bruce, brilliantly played by Greg Parker. Rana Nicholas as Valentina Tereshkova was a clear favorite with the crowd, delivering on the laughs through her delightfully deadpan delivery. Annie Lumsden (Valli) and Nicholas Jaquinot (Phillip) both bring a divine energy to their performances as Myra’s children.

Image credit: Jody Jane Stitt

Lighting, alongside the minimalist set design, was incredibly effective against the industrial feel of the venue. It allowed us to give ourselves into the performers, to be effortlessly transported from Myra’s lounge room to the realms of space.

Don’t miss the chance to witness Myra’s cosmic journey— it’s a powerful tale of the human condition, our fragility, and just a damn good time!

– The Plus Ones


Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of 45 Downstairs