MATADOR – The Saucy Spanish Dance & Burlesque Show

MATADOR is back in Melbourne, and it’s certainly not a show to be missed for theatre, dance, and music lovers! The immersive theatre experience is a fusion of dance, burlesque, circus, and a whole lot of sexiness. If Bollywood and Magic Mike had a Spanish baby, you’ve got MATADOR.

The story follows the lead character MATADOR and her Spanish lover – the Bull – through a journey of love, lust friendship, pain, trust, acceptance, and forgiveness. They’re supported with six additional couples navigating their own love stories, all set to a vibrant array of pop music (think Rhianna, Dua Lipa) that will have you singing by the end.

The show is primarily dance based with a range of circus acts interspersed – aerial lyra, pole, dance trapeze, straps, hammock, and some custom crafted apparatuses.

The romantic tale is inspired by the life of writer, director, and producer Bass G Fam. A tale of great love that inspired him to be a better person, to find himself and to accept who he However, in writing this tale of self-discovery and acceptance, a certain level of darkness and intensity had to be explored to tell the story accurately. Love can be nurturing and fulfilling, passionate and volatile, raging and torrid and at times destructive…much like the relationship between the Bull and the MATADOR.

The plot line was cleverly executed with high octane dance numbers (that had the audience clapping nearly the entire show), elaborate costumes, and a journey through darkness and light, making us smile, laugh, and cry.

If I had to summarise MATADOR in two words, it’s enthralling and awe-inspiring; certainly one of the most impressive and creative shows I’ve seen in a long time.

MATADOR is playing at Meet Market in North Melbourne through 8 May, and you can find tickets here. Be sure to arrive early for the live music and street food stalls dishing up chorizo, paella and sangria!

– Ember Mitchell
Ember is an American turned Aussie. Her love affair with Melbourne goes back five years, and she still can’t get enough of this city! Discovering new hideouts and hidden gems around Melbourne is her hobby. Marketing Strategist by day, spontaneous adventurer, brekky enthusiast, and aerial acrobat by night.  

MATADOR is a story of love, a celebration of friendships through songs that bring us together

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Make A Difference (MAD) PR