Rock and Roll and Don Giovanni together for the very first time

Don Giovanni – Let’s Rock and Roll, the new production by EmotionWorks Cut Opera currently showing at Rubix Warehouse, is a unique fusion of opera and rock.

The concept devised by Julie Edwardian (who has previously directed for Opera Australia), reaches out to people who have yet to be exposed to opera, or to people who enjoy a fun re-interpretation of the Opera classics. It is affordable, entertaining and offers musical variety.

I was somewhat bemused by the fusion, yet curiosity got the better of me, and l watched with keen eyes. I eagerly anticipated the rock riffs as much as l did the Mozart. The show was fused with the skeletal structure of Don Giovanni in two acts combined with a fat rock and roll injection.

The original Don Giovanni was loosely based on the real character of Don Juan and EmotionWorks have cleverly crafted Don Giovanni as a rock star who is jaded and fuelled with narcotics and violence.

The 90-minute production is delivered with gusto by the performers, melding operatic performances by trained opera singers and seventies rock and roll classics made famous by Led Zeppelin, Blondie, Queen and other gems from that era.

The musicians on stage belt out the tunes with passion, whilst the singers use both the stage and the aisle to engage the audience.

I enjoyed the show and if you want a spend an afternoon watching rock opera with a beer in hand, then I highly recommend this show for you.


– Flora
Flora is a freelance reviewer and loves a theatrical challenge. @Flora52Georgie

Don Giovanni – Let’s Rock and Roll runs September 17, 23-24, 4pm at Rubix Warehouse, Brunswick. Purchase tickets at door now. Or online at

The venue is accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invites guests of Emotionworks Cut Opera.
Image: Emotionworks, Opera Chaser