Boozy Brunch @ The Atlantic

Boozy Brunch – it’s something different. Created by dynamic duo Maria Gadzhis and Mark John, the event is all about fine food, finer fashion and fabulous entertainment. Since mid-2014, the Boozy Team has been meticulously curating these events to create unique experiences for Melburnians.

Our brunch was held at The Atlantic, one of Melbourne’s finest purveyors of seafood. This was enough to excite me. We wandered down at 12pm, and were greeted with smiles and dazzling fashion. Melbourne’s finest had turned out for the event and were looking fab. Just secretly, I was glad that I had worn my nice pants. Over the course of the first hour we were treated to several cocktails made by Mr. Cocktail, Fred Siggins (of Black Pearl fame) and socialised with our fellow brunch-goers. Several cocktails…it was only 1pm.

As we took our seats the entirety of the day dawned on us. We were in for a treat. Prawn cocktails, soft shell crab and barramundi fillet with all the trimmings sauntered through the kitchen doors and into my tummy. It was absolute quality. Did I mention that each course was matched with free flowing wines? By this stage everyone was friends and conversation was flowing as freely as the wine.

Better yet, throughout the courses there was fashion! Models showed off the wares, expertly gliding among the tables to give everyone a view. Then came the entertainment. Acrobatics, an epic DJ set and live vocals which saw the makeshift dance floor (inside the Atlantic) heaving. It was getting close to 5pm and people were in the most festive of moods. How could we not be? From start to finish we were treated like royalty and well and truly sated. The DJ set ended and the brunch was set to come to an end until we were asked to head downstairs into The Atlantic’s secret bar…for the after party.

I enjoyed everything about Boozy Brunch. It’s certainly something different, and the effort taken to curate the event vibrates through every detail. We can’t wait to tell you about the next one!

– Rukmal

Rukmal is The Plus Ones’ Managing Director. He looks after the marketing, technology, and finance areas of TPO and loves nothing more than analysing data and optimising campaigns. Okay, perhaps building a global digital media company is a touch more interesting. While he rarely writes articles these days, preferring to leave it to our incredible staff writers, he can occasionally tap his right brain.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Boozy Brunch