Comma Sutra at The Butterfly Club

When I agreed to go see ‘Comma Sutra’ on Friday night, I didn’t consider just how much pressure there would be to write a grammatically perfect review on a self-confessed grammar nazi’s comedy/cabaret show. And pressure makes commas go astray. So don’t judge me, okay?

However, I jumped (yes, literally) at the chance to hit up (not literally) one of my favourite theatres around town, The Butterfly Club, which is just as famous for its quirky shows as its seriously kitsch décor and delicious cocktail menu.

I love precise punctuation, but I can’t imagine meeting anyone who loves language as much as sexy grammarian Louisa Fitzhardinge (Impromptunes, The Big HOO-HAA!), who sings, dances, and gets deep and meaningful while discussing types of turn-ons and faux pas (yes, this is the correct use in the plural, I Googled it) when it comes to getting all hot and bothered over correctly structured words in the English language. The clever lass’s cunning linguistic skills also cover French, German and sign language too, which is a delight to see when members of the audience get to put her to the test.

In a genuinely heartfelt moment where we get a sneak peek (acknowledge the correct spelling here, please and thank you) into the origins of her love of language, Fitzhardinge confesses to being a serious little bookworm as a child, which created some problems fitting in at school. Now the vocabulary-obsessed lady is finding it difficult to snare a fellow grammar pasher to romance over a mutual love of puns and bad dad jokes. Life might be a little bit tough at times for the pedantic punctuation police lady, but one thing is for sure: she fits in perfectly in the theatrical world, with a strong stage presence and solid, entertaining material.

After the show, don’t forget to pick up your very own naughty guide to bedding a grammar nerd, from the hands of Fitzhardinge herself.

– Claire
Claire Henderson, who takes great pleasure in pointing out other people’s grammatical errors, and can assure you that any errors in this piece were deliberately slipped in to test you.

‘Comma Sutra’ run Wed 18 to Sun 22 Nov 2015 at The Butterfly Club.
The venue is not accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of ‘Comma Sutra’.