Sexpo: three writers’ experiences

The Plus Ones sent three writers to Sexpo, Australia’s largest adult exhibition. Here are their slightly-NSFW accounts. Read on for their accounts of bouncing in an inflatable vagina, meeting topless firefighters, and a visit to Pricasso the penis portrait artist.


These two firefighters made things pretty hot

These two firefighters made things pretty hot

I finally popped my Sexpo cherry. After 31 years in this world I figured I better get up to speed with everything there is to know about… well, sexy stuff.

I teamed up with my friend Christian and together we ventured into the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in search of some naughtiness.

Amongst the many sex toy stalls (some of which sold some real bargains if one was after cheap designer vibrators or fake vaginas) I discovered what was definitely my favourite display of all: a sexy bouncy castle. To get in I had to enter (excuse the pun) a huge inflatable vagina. What followed was a short yet hilarious bouncy obstacle course. This got me quite puffed, and as I climbed and crawled over inflatable breasts and penises I worried what my questionable fitness levels may mean for the real deal! I exited through a giant boob. THE BEST.

Other honourable mentions go to the friendly (real) topless firefighters, the fetish room of whips and the memorable amateur stripping competition. All in all a very good night and I learned a trick or two as well!

– Claudia
Claudia B. is a German/Kiwi graphic designer and illustrator who has been living and working in Melbourne for the last four years. She enjoys a good glass of whiskey and the occasional pole dancing class.

Claudia in the bouncy vagina

Claudia in the bouncy vagina

Coconut oil. Apparently it’s not just for tanning any more. Men Xclusive, the male revue, provided that bit of education at Sexpo. The world’s largest adult exhibition had several new experiences in store for me over the weekend, including The Sperm Worm – an inflatable ride that takes playful adults through a bouncy vaginal canal journey. Also added to my list of new experiences: writing the phrase “bouncy vaginal canal.”

Sexpo combines silliness, sexiness, and shopping. My plus one and I giggled at attractions like Pricasso the penis portrait artist and Tittysaurus, the 8 foot tall boob mascot. The organizers made an effort to appeal to both genders, so I took it upon myself to ogle the array of six-packs on display. (I’m all about practicing journalistic integrity in the ladies’ lounge.)

With the range of exhibitors selling items, Jeff’s Shed is more expo than sex club. But I can guarantee you’d rather be at Sexpo than the Home Show!

– J.J.
J.J. loves a walk on the naughty side, especially when that walk involves Australia’s finest shirtless firemen.

Claudia and I spent a good while at  Sexpo doing some shopping to cater for our more singular tastes, but you could set aside time getting a quality education too.  There were seminars and discussion panels starting every hour on topics that ranged from making the best use of online dating, the basics of polyamory, kinky storytelling to BDSM.
We met one of the panelists, the super-friendly and charismatic Lucie Bee, who introduced herself to us as ‘Australia’s geekiest porn star’.  We had an interesting chat on the challenges of producing porn in Australia. It was fun meeting a local girl, and she definitely has a large following online (I did some fact-finding for this article).  Other big name pornstars also came down to Sexpo and had queues of people lining up for a photo and a signed poster or DVD.
If amateurs are more your thing, Sexpo invited any and all to get on the stage and compete in Australia’s amateur strip contests on Friday night.   It was an incredible atmosphere – the girls came on first, and quickly lost their stage fright (and most of their clothes) trying hard for a prize of a few hundred dollars, with hundreds of us in the audience cheering on. The guys were even more enthusiastic, carrying and cheering each other on, putting on a show that was as sexy as it was funny.
– Christian
Christian G.  is an international man of mystery, book and cat lover; moonlighting as a finance professional by day.
Sexpo runs yearly in Melbourne and Sydney.  Make sure to go next year for a fun dose of adult entertainment.
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Sexpo.