Williamstown’s Wine & Cheese Fest

Offering an afternoon of exploring the nuances of taste, Williamstown’s second rendition of the Wine & Cheese Fest made for a leisurely experience.

My plus one and I walked into Seaworks and then had the difficult task of choosing where to spend our ‘tasting tokens.’  As the weather was perfectly suited for the event—not too hot, and with a generous breeze—we primarily opted for the whites, rosés, and sparkling wines.

Branching out, we queued for samples of the Soleil Lychee Infused Beer.  Different from any beer I’ve tried before, I was surprised to enjoy something different from the IPA’s and stouts I normally select.  With hints of citrus, honey, and brandy, Soleil has the potential to break the mold of what a beer can be.  I even returned to the booth to try a cocktail prepared with fresh fruit and the Lychee Infused Beer.

photo via Romeo Wine

photo via Romeo Wine

Another pleasant surprise came from the Faire Ferments booth.  My plus one and I decided to give a cider a try, even though cider is usually a bit too sweet for our tastes.  Inspired by the Goulburn Valley Food Cooperative and made with apples and pears from local orchards, this cider was perfectly fresh.  Not too sweet but still flavourful, the Faire Ferments’ cider was our favourite taste of the afternoon.

While the cheese selection was fairly sparse, the Curds & Whey booth featured a delicious Triple Cream brie.  The Marazita Bros booth also had samples of a lovely blue cheese that my plus one and I sneakily tasted twice.

There seemed to be something to suit everyone’s taste at the Wine & Cheese Fest, and looking around the venue it was clear that an afternoon of small indulgences suited everyone who attended.

– Hannah
Hannah Rundman, originally from Michigan, USA, is an arts manager and lover of art that breaks the mold of established mediums.  She values eye contact and art that brings diverse groups of people together.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Williamstown Wine & Cheese Fest.