Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015: we came, we saw, we frowed

What can we say about Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015? It was stylish, it was versatile, and it turned Melbourne into the fashion capital of the Antipodes (if not the hemisphere) for a glorious week. Read on to find out about The Plus Ones’ experiences across runways and pop-up fashion events. And while we didn’t actually get seats in the front row — aka frow — we came close.

Forever New runway - photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

Forever New runway – photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

MSFW – Forever New

Well, that was one long, cold, miserable winter but at last, spring is here. Think sunshine, flowers— and Forever New’s new Ibiza Luxe spring collection. Launched at the MSFW Hub early last week, the new range perfectly encapsulates the season, bringing together classic floaty florals with monochrome, bold lines, and bright hues. The range includes swimwear and evening wear as well as casual daywear, which means your spring wardrobe is covered, without breaking the bank. My ultimate pick? The ‘Joanne’ wide leg pants paired with the ‘Quinn’ knitted tank top, for a chic, smart and sophisticated springtime look. The best part about the new collection is that the pieces are both interchangeable and versatile— one top can be paired with three different skirts, taking you from the garden party, to the dinner, to the cocktail bar with the girls. No need to spend a fortune. No need to get changed in the car. Win and win. Hats off to you, Forever New.
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MR runway - photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

MR runway – photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

MR runway - photo courtesy Lucas Dawson

MR runway – photo courtesy Lucas Dawson


Gentleman, it’s time to slice up that cucumber for your Hendricks and Tonic and don your Sunday best because Spring has arrived and the racing carnival is just around the corner. Thursday night of MSFW pointed the spotlight on men’s fashion with “MR”. A dedicated runway featuring designs from Aquila, Arthur Galan AG, BRENTWILSON, Calibre, Et Al, Godwin Charli, Joe Black and M.J. Bale at Melbourne Town Hall. The night began with a preshow sparkling (…okay maybe 7) rubbing shoulders with the other VIPs in the platinum lounge. After drinks we were then presented with designs destined to be seen over the track this spring. Natural cotton and Hawaiian motifs featured throughout what was a well received show. Now that what to wear has been taken care of (tick) ….just need to get on that Birdcage VIP list.
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Emerging Runway – photo courtesy Lucas Dawson Photography

Emerging Runway 1

It was my second year attending MSFW, and I knew that this time I needed to pull out all the stops. Dressing up for the runway is half the fun, so I decided to wear my turn-of-the-last-century fur coat that I’d inherited from a lady in the town near where I grew up. It must’ve worked: I was asked to pose with a random blogger for a photo. Nice. Also nice: being seated in the second row. There’s a huge kerfluffle in the blogging world about who’s seated where — apparently the closer to the runway you are, the most special and stylish you are? I guess? Either way, I was in prime position to see all of the RMIT students’ designs. And boy oh boy, were there ever a lot of fablous ones. There were probably around 30 collections (or it just seemed that way), and each name got a huge cheer from the audience. Too many fabulous designs to count, but what I loved most was the atmosphere of the Melbourne Town Hall — the flowers, the grandeur of the setting, and above all, the excited and stylish crowd. Glad I wore my antique fur.
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Crickey – photo by Madeline Kirby


Each fashion week there is always an event that stands out for its unique interpretation of a runway show. For MSFW 2015 it was Crickey! The collaborative brainchild of O.T.T by Lia.T and Kate Geck, Crickey was an interactive event at Harbour Town’s Glow Golf.  Attendees entered the Australian themed, glow in the dark mini golf course naïve to what was awaiting them inside. The ‘runway’ was the UV light enhanced holes where you interacted with those involved in the show. Dressed in limited edition designs, including a goon sack print skirt and fluffy koala slippers, the models highlighted the features of the outfits — and the par for the hole.
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Haystac and The City of Melbourne.