The Social Studio at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Imagine a kaleidoscope of colours projected on to the aesthetically pleasing persons of some of The Social Studios models who rocked (in a very performance art, straight-faced way) some streetwear designs in projector screen white. If you imagined a few unicorns galloping on rainbows into the bargain then what the hell, you weren’t far off. That was pretty much the jam that the social enterprise bought to the stage in their Melbourne Spring Fashion Week curated show on Sunday.

Okay, so there weren’t any unicorns, but there was a light show which featured a projection of the brightly-coloured prints the studio produces onto models wearing white versions of their latest designs, like a living screen! (Seriously, it was rad.)

Photo credit: Timothy Treasure Photography
Photo credit: Timothy Treasure Photography

To top it all of, there were the amazing re-constructed garments to marvel at, made by The Social Studio’s own designers as a part of their collaboration with the uber-cool London-based designers Art Comes First.

The installation featured mannequins draped with assemblages that showed off what is possible with a bit of creativity (okay, a lot), some donated clothing, and a seam ripper (those little things you use to tear seams apart). Another amazingly creative and captivating show in a long line of awesome events that have come out of the studio. 

Photo credit: Timothy Treasure Photography
Photo credit: Timothy Treasure Photography

For more info on their future plans (and I bet there will actually be unicorns at this one) follow them on Facebook. And don’t forget Art Comes First, they were some pretty cool chaps too, all I can say: get yourself a felt hat… Now, fly my beauties!

-Ruth Saxon
Ruth Saxon is an arts student who is currently busy establishing her accessories label in Melbourne after moving here from Perth (all roads…). She enjoys Pavlov’ing over fashion she couldn’t possibly hope to afford and sampling all that Melbourne has to offer in food and drink (and music and art…Melbourne huh!?).

You can visit The Social Studio to view (and buy) their range as well as grab a bite to eat at 128 Smith Street Collingwood.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Social Studios and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.