‘Swipe Right’ at The Butterfly Club

photo courtesy 'Swipe Right'

photo courtesy ‘Swipe Right’

‘Swipe Right’, as the title suggests, is a hilarious take on the modern art of interaction, dating, and our heavy reliance on devices that aid us in doing so. Dealing primarily with the pursuit of intimacy in the modern age, this is a show that has been lovingly crafted to touch upon experiences we, the audience, can wholeheartedly relate to. The style is very sketch-based, employing a series of scenes that connect thematically while establishing juxtaposition in content and style. The show ties up with the reincorporation of characters introduced to the audience at the beginning of the night. It’s a formula that succeeds very well.

This show is created by a team of five who explore content through improvisation and workshopping, resulting in a fun and fresh approach that shines through gloriously. The cast (Cam Faull, Lynn Hagele, Constance Washington and Ben Watts) do a spectacular task of bringing together characters from all walks of life. Whether shy, brazen, hopeful, or outwardly manipulative, each of them engages in various approaches to achieve their goals.

From focused and more serious monologues that deal with the conflict of ignorant attraction and acceptance, to an expertly over-the-top (yet wholly believable) interaction in the most unromantic of all settings, the players clearly enjoy the range of roles they are tackling. And they’re not afraid to play it loose in parts that require it. Jessie Oliver’s direction never tries to overwhelm or force an objective, and instead captures the truth and essence of how forming a connection — even shallow or unexpected — can take many aspects and forms. It’s a refreshing and rewarding experience to see come alive in an intimate space such as The Butterfly Club.

This is truly an enjoyable and delightful piece that will make you ponder how we really do choose to connect, while entertaining you from one scene to another. Come and see!

– Corey M. Glamuzina
Corey M. Glamuzina is a Melbourne-based performer and writer with an avid involvement in the art of theatre and film.

‘Swipe Right’ runs 15-19 July at The Butterfly Club.
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Butterfly Club.