MINI Melbourne + the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

Endless grey skies and freezing temps got you down? Can’t face wasting another dark, rainy day indoors? There’s only one cure: jump in a car (preferably a MINI) and head south for the warmth of the Peninsula Hot Springs. I did just that this weekend, driving through the pouring rain in a brand-new MINI car to the paradise that is the hot springs. It’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself this winter.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Cold winter’s day + a hot spring = magic

We’re huge fans of the Peninsula Hot Springs at The Plus Ones, but it was my (and my lucky chauffeur/+1’s) first time in the Spa Dreaming Centre. This is where it’s at, my friends. You have a private section of the hot springs all to yourself. Enough room for everyone to try the various pools, from a hot tub in a barrel to a bubbling lounge area. Best of all: no children allowed, for blissful adult-only relaxing.

delicious, healthy lunch at the Spa Dreaming restaurant

Theresa with her delicious, healthy lunch at the Spa Dreaming restaurant

Before we changed into our bathers, we tried out the Dine & Bathe package. Beautiful cafe, à la carte menu (salmon for moi, salad for my +1), a delicious smoothie — I felt so spoiled. Afterwards, we were led to a private hut tucked away amongst the trees. Inside was a magical massage temple, where we each received the 60-minute kodo massage. Everything, from the technique to the scented twigs they burned, is influenced by Aboriginal principles.

MINI car

Theresa after the hot springs (the gravel road’s the only reason the MINI’s not shiny)

The best part? We got to drive a MINI Countryman for the weekend! I’ve been a fan of MINI since I can remember, so this was utterly thrilling. Everything in the car is so precisely well-designed. All the tiny things you’d never think about, the MINI designers have. (Even the interior door handles light up with different colors.) My +1/chauffeur grew up driving on the Autobahn, so he instantly put it in sport mode. The whole weekend I heard words like like ‘agile’ and ‘it tracks so well.’ What I loved was the feel of the car, how cute the round dashboard looked. We’re both agreed: this would make the perfect city car.

MINI car

Theresa behind the wheel of her MINI Countryman

Trust me, you’re going to want to do two things this winter:

  1. Test-drive a new MINI at MINI Garage Melbourne in South Melbourne
  2. Try the Spa Dreaming package at the Peninsula Hot Springs

If you do both, my work here is done.

One of the co-founders of The Plus Ones, Theresa never tires of recommending amazing places in and around Melbourne to do and go to.

MINI Garage Melbourne
209 Kings Way, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Peninsula Hot Springs
30 Springs Lane, Fingal VIC 3939

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Porter Novelli.