T2 Chai Championship

If there’s a tea that I love more than anything, it’s chai. So I was bragging all over town when T2 (who know how to throw a good event) invited me to their Chai Championship. An entire evening devoted to one of my favourite drinks? With the masters of the brew? You bet I was excited.

T2 Chai Championship

DIY Chai – photo courtesy Kate & Co.

My lucky plus one and I were awestruck from the second we arrived at the Collingwood headquarters. The entire event was India-themed, with garlands of marigolds draping everywhere lighted candles, samples of tea, and a sitar player. And that was just downstairs. Upstairs (there’s an upstairs — who knew?) was the real party.

T2 Chai Championship

T2’s amazing HQ – photo courtesy Kate & Co.

At one end, the chai championship competitiors were working away, but weren’t too busy to have a chat about their concoctions. One standout ingredient: freeze-dried oranges. They weren’t messing around. But it wasn’t all watching them compete — we got to gnaw on all sorts of nibbles, including tea-infused desserts; try tea cocktails, including Baileys + chai, the hands-down favourite; create our own chai mixtures; and best of all, get our hands done with henna tattoos from a talented artist.

T2 Chai Championship

Theresa (right) and her +1 – photo courtesy Kate & Co

The end of the night the winner (Michael Allen from The Auction Rooms) was crowned. But since we all went home with a gift bag of chai ingredients and a chai glass, I felt like I was the winner of the evening, too.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa loves making tea-themed puns about her initial. T-time, anyone?

Need some chai? Grab some T2 tea online,  in their Melbourne stores, or at the new Brew Bar in Emporium. Or try the chai recipe from 2014’s Chai Championship winner.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Black Communications.