Porcelain Tea Parlour’s cheese and tea extravaganza

Melbourne, undoubtedly the best city in the world and scientifically proven to make you grateful to be alive (by a sample size of my friends), really only has one tiny problem – it’s almost impossible to find a café to enjoy in the evenings. It’s a capital of coffee, but only until 5pm. To the rescue comes Melbourne’s other drink of choice – tea. Porcelain, a new tea parlour, opened recently in Carlton, and is happy to serve you tea until late at night. To top it all off, it’s about to change your life with a new genius concept: tea and cheese pairing. Yes, cheese!

Porcelain Tea Parlour

gorgeous teacup at Porcelain Tea Parlour

As a tea fanatic, the opening of Poreclain tea parlour offered me everything I love – exquisite teas, beautiful tea pots, raw chocolates, and delicious cheese. My plus one couldn’t get enough of the honeyed Pecorino cheese (luckily, they never ran out), and we both couldn’t get enough of taking photos of ourselves drinking out of beautiful tea cups (because we are ladies!).

Porcelain Tea Parlour

gala launch – photo courtesy Porcelain Tea Parlour

Scarlett, the Parlour owner, got her inspiration while visiting Italy years ago and it’s only appropriate that it has opened in Carlton, the Little Italy of Melbourne. They also host a series of complementary activities to float your tea cup.  For example, on Thursdays they have a group of knitters who join for tea while knitting pouches for Wildlife Victoria. Anyone is free to join in at any level, and instruction can be provided so you can learn to knit or work on your own project.

The next time you’re craving a late-night meetup that doesn’t involve alcohol (or perhaps involves tea and cheese before you go for drinks), head to Carlton to Porcelain.

– Lee
Lee Gal is an Israeli tea fan who absolutely loves living in Melbourne. Follow along with her on Naturalee.

Poreclain Tea Parlour
149 Elgin Street, Carlton
2:00pm til Late, 7 days
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Porcelain Tea Parlour.