Melbourne’s Best of the Best Events in August

There are so many amazing events happening every night of the week that it’s a full-time job just keeping up with them all. From Richmond to Brunswick, the CBD to Collingwood, our favourite happenings took us all over town in August.


Time Out Food AwardsLast year’s Bar Awards left me and Ruki with splitting heads and stories to tell (one word: afterparty). This year was just as fun. We headed to Pastuso, the new venture from the San Telmo team, and devoured Peruvian food. Well done to all the winners — both the restaurants and the two lucky recipients of the $100 double pass we gave away on Facebook. -Theresa

Ruki and Theresa with the two winners of the $100 double pass to the Time Out Food Awards

Ruki and Theresa with the two winners of the $100 double pass to the Time Out Food Awards

Eventbrite Launch – The event distributors threw a fabulous party at their HQ in Richmond. Whilst the DJ set never really took off, the live art was a hit and the popcorn machine got a serious workout! We loved that there were so many event creators there making the networking opportunity priceless. Thanks guys, and here’s hoping for many more. – Ruki


live graffiti at the Eventbrite launch at Inspire9

Whiffenpoofs – A choir friend let me know that these guys were in town. ‘The Famous Whiffenpoofs of Yale’ is their formal title. I Googled but had no idea what to expect. What we got was a solid hour and a half of light hearted entertainment and very high quality singing. I’d love to see these guys again, so much fun! -Ruki


The Whiffenpoofs a cappella group

Bomba – Jesse Gerner threw open the doors of his Spanish inspired creation, Bomba, for a night of culinary delights. The space is in the old Aylesbury and I really like what the team has done with the rooftop (basically it is fine on a chilly Melbourne night). We were treated to scrumptious garlic-strewn mackeral and Vermut cocktails, which Jesse had sourced while spending time in Spain recently. I liked this place and would go back again. [Note from Theresa: I’ve already returned for their $15 lunch special!] We also can’t wait to see what Jesse does with the St Ali North space and look forward to whispers of events being held there. -Ruki


Theresa enjoys the Spanish wines at the Bomba dinner

Winterfolks – The Brunswickfolks team celebrated the end of winter with a fun festival in the Graceland building in Brunswick. The vibe, as expected for Brunswick, was very chilled and people were happy to have a chat. It may have helped that the mulled wine had a little extra spice in it. The curated list of bands was win after win. Great work to the team for packing out the venue and raising a whole heap of cash for charity. -Ruki


the packed crowd at Brunswickfolks

Meatball & Wine Bar 2nd B’day – The Plus Ones have fond memories of the opening of Smithballs. Going into the night I knew that Matteo knew how to throw a party and he didn’t disappoint. This place remains one of the places to be seen around town. -Ruki


mini burgers at the Smith Street Meatball &  Wine bar

As usual, Melbourne, you know how to show us a good time. There’s always some new event or party around the corner to drive home the point that this really is the most liveable city in the world. We’re lucky to live here.

-Ruki & Theresa

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were guests of Helen Lear, Tomato Media, The Whiffenpoofs, Meatball & Wine Bar, and Zilla & Brook.