Yelp’s Makeup Masterclass at Miss Fox

Who doesn’t love bubbles, chocolate, and makeup? Okay, some guys might not be raising their hands right now, but I was pretty darn excited when I read Yelp Melbourne’s description of the event they were throwing:

Join us for a makeup Masterclass with the fabulous Miss Fox! With bubbles from Brown Brothers and the artistic beauty stylings of Luna and Miss Fox, you’ll be looking hot and ready for Saturday night on the town.

Sounds pretty swell, right? It was part of a week of happenings (which included the fancy event the next day, Yelp’s 2nd Birthday). Yours truly was lucky enough to be one of the women chosen to attend.

photo via Miss Fox

photo via Miss Fox

Haven’t ever been to Miss Fox? Then you won’t know how swanky it is. (The picture showing the crystal chandelier gives a clue.) Just by being in its surrounds makes you feel like the most stylish gal in Melbourne.

Getting a makeup masterclass by makeup artist to the stars, Luna, helped a lot, too. She and the other Miss Fox makeup artists used a few of the gals as models (including moi, in black-and-white photo), demonstrating various techniques for beautiful eyes, eyebrows, lips and cheeks. Then we all had a play with the Jane Iredale makeup, before walking out with cute little gift bags.

I’d never felt so stylish.