Discover Toronto’s dark past…

One dark, rainy Saturday night, a young man and woman wandered down a dimly lit path…

Haunted house scenes are always characterised with a rumble of thunder and a zap of lightning so it seemed highly fitting that the Plus Ones got to enjoy an authentically eerie atmosphere with this haunted kind of weather on Saturday, when we joined the fab folk at Urban Capers on a Haunted Toronto Scavenger Hunt.

The 2-hour hunt led us along a trail of clues at various sites, historical monuments and buildings around the U of T campus, Bloor St and Queens Park. The clues were both fascinating and creepy, and while we wanted to linger around some of these incredible sites imagining some of the insane and downright dark events that had happened there, we were on a time crunch. We wanted to win (we didn’t, but that’s not the point) which meant zipping through paths and hills which looked indiscernable in twilight.

UrbanCapers haunted TO

We felt exhiliarated and satisfied with our physical and mental efforts that evening. Urban Capers puts on a fantastic event/experience for the curious and adventurous, and any competitiveness you and your companions may be silencing will certainly surface here. Trust me, you’re in for an interesting evening. It’s an excellent birthday activity, date night, or a mentally and physically engaging outdoor activity where you get to learn about Toronto’s dark past. It’s also the best answer for that standard Monday interrogation about what you did on the weekend. Change up the “Oh, I just hung out” (i.e. I devoured Netflix for lunch and dinner) No. This one’s a damn good answer.

Discover the upcoming hunts in November and December at the ROM.