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Wine House’s Spanish Wine Masterclass

I love wine. Period. I show up at wineries and wine tasting nights, dressed slightly South Yarra, part Fitzroy hipster.  I act like a wine connoisseur – carefully swirling the juice in the glass, ever-so-daintily whiffing the rim, scrunch my…

Bomba Goes to Spain

Bomba Goes to Spain: a culinary visit to the Canary Islands

You know you’re eating unusual food when halfway through lunch you get the urge to pull up a map of the Canary Islands on your phone. The reason: Jesse Garner, owner of CBD restaurant Bomba, just got back from his…

Spanish Film Festival – The Plus Ones’ Guide

Make Sure To Enter Our Competition To Win Double Passes To The Spanish Film Festival The Spanish Film Festival is back…and it’s bigger and better than ever. With a record number of films on offer, it can be hard to choose…

Melbourne’s Spanish Film Festival: What to See

Hola, amigos! That’s right — the Spanish Film Festival is coming to town, and The Plus Ones have the lowdown on all the must-see films. I was lucky to attend the media preview launch with a few friends, including two Spanish speakers….