Melbourne Salami Festa

I hopped over the the Melbourne Salami Festa’s opening night party at the Northcote Town Hall. My main question was whether the salami crowd knew how to party. Undoubtedly ‘yes’ is the answer.

The Town Hall has been transformed into a salami lover’s paradise. There’s a salumi market on the inside and a salami courtyard on the outside.

On opening night D.O.C. ran the show. They pitched themselves in the middle of the hall surrounded by all of the vendors. The D.O.C. team had us feasting on prosciutto cones. Yes, cones! These bad boys were laced with parmesan and filled with rocket, olives, burrata and of course lashings of prosciutto. Next up was risotto with mortadella which I downed with a Peroni or two. As we walked around the D.O.C. team was also sharing their well know pizzas. It was very much an Italian feast, more food than we knew what to do with. The Salami Festa team also made sure to match the food with the music with a band who played Italian classics through the night such as ‘ciao bella’.

On Saturday and Sunday the salami courtyard and market will be in full swing. There’s also a ton of masterclasses if you’re so inclined. Make sure to pop-in for a quick salami stop!

– Rukmal

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Melbourne Salami Festa.