Melbourne Fringe Review: A Touch of Grace: Shadow Warrior

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I was ready for some ‘Phunktional Dance’ and had been looking forward to the show since Fringe began. I wasn’t disappointed. The multi-talented Demi Sorono worked us through her journey from a young Filipino immigrant that couldn’t speak English to a star on ‘So You Think You Can Dance?‘ and everything in between.

Demi’s is a great Australian story. She moved to the surrounds of Blackburn at five years old with no English apart from please, thank you, yes and toilet. After a two week intensive course, she was thrown into primary school life and forced to fend for herself. The next couple of decades saw run-ins with the law, troubled relationships and the abandonment of family members.

Her love of dance though endured and seemed to pull here through. It began as a young-ling.  With little entertainment on offer her and her family had to find ways of entertaining themselves. Dancing for her mum was Demi’s way of expressing herself and it blossomed from there. Her style is hip-hop funk and she can crunk like no one else. A significant part of the show sees her battle her shadow, an inner voice of sorts that tries to keep her down. I suspect a lot of people in the audience can relate to this voice. Demi though seems to have won that battle.

If you want a night of hot beats, hotter dance moves and a shadow warrior battle make sure to check of A Touch of Grace: Shadow Warrior.

– Rukmal

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Phunktional Dance.