Melbourne’s Best Gay Nights

I’m a transplant from São Paulo and arrived in Melbourne several months ago to study medicine at Monash. In reality, I spend most of my time ravenously discovering Melbourne’s vibrant gay scene.

There are two gay venues that I frequent and hang out for more than anything: Poof Doof and Yass Qween. Poof Doof is THE ‘Gay Club For Homos’ in Melbourne. Nothing else compares to partying with the most beautiful guys from the south side. While the Doof is epic, the Qween hosts fabulous-ness like Thursgay, Closet, and Snatch and Grab. These are the perfect parties for the Qweens of the North side.

If they weren’t good enough apart, they will come together for one night only descending on Chasers, Poof Doof’s HQ in South Yarra. Yass Doof is about to be born.

Photo courtesy Yass Doof

Photo courtesy Yass Doof

This massive night will count with 10 hours of raving, 12 DJs, and three dance floors. Shows and performances during the night are promised to make the night even hotter (if it were possible). This is an epic night out!

As the logo of the party says, ‘all for the love of it all’, everyone is welcome to dance until the sunrise together!

– Pedro
Mind of medical student at Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, body of a traveller, and soul of a party boy. Pedro feels that being a writer for The Plus Ones is like the Uber experience. Once you’ve tried it, life can never be the same!

Yass Doof
When: 22/08/2015
Where: 386 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC
Tickets: $15-$25 at: