Full Moon Fetish Party

Passionfruit. The name rang a bell but why…oh yep. Theresa had a girls’ night a while back to go through the assorted catalogue of Passionfruit’s inventory. I remember at the time being mildly devastated that I wasn’t invited but this seemed the time to make amends.

The party was themed. It was fetish.
I am a guy. I didn’t have anything.

Thankfully, like most people, I have a go-to costume friend. You know the type, the one who has a wedding dress just in case. You don’t have one? They are a must.

The party wasn’t heavily advertised. Oddly enough I found it on our calendar, Theresa’s handy work. I didn’t know what to expect but the reminder email had me excited “The Champagne is getting chilled, the cupcakes are being iced, the topless waiters are getting topless.” 

We arrived and boy was I glad that I dressed up. The crowd was in full garb, champagne was flowing, and the topless waiters were, well, topless…

Photo courtesy of Leila Koren

Ruki’s +1 and the topless waiters – Photo courtesy Leila Koren

We swirled away the night and learned about the new toys on the market. We also had the chance to try on (not me, I swear) the feature pieces of the night from Lady Bellentina’s new collection.

Photo courtesy of Leila Koren

Lady Bellentina – Photo courtesy Leila Koren

Then the music got real and the burlesque lady did her thing. I saw things.

Photo courtesy of Leila Koren

Ruki watches the burlesque – Photo courtesy Leila Koren


Theresa enjoys the bubbles – Photo courtesy Leila Koren

All in all it was a very entertaining, slightly debaucherous, and oddly educational night. Thanks to the Passionfruit team for putting on something unique. Can’t wait for the next one!


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