DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

Like most Melburnians I noticed the giraffe. What was this going to be all about..?


DreamWorks! The creators of endless entertainment and laughs throughout my childhood and adulthood (and most likely geriatrichood) were going to have a feature exhibition at ACMI. What’s more, it was going to be the studio’s largest-ever international exhibition! Cue smiles.

The exhibition opened to the public on 10 April but Theresa and I were lucky enough to see a preview the day before. I won’t lie to you, I do like doing things before everyone else, and after going to many-an-exhibition at ACMI I knew that these guys know how to exhibit.

Photo courtesy Nicolas Marlet

Photo courtesy Nicolas Marlet

The exhibition is content rich and has enough interactive bits for the kiddies. Going at lunchtime during the school holidays however may result in too much stimulation for the typical office worker. 

I’m a sucker for Kung-Fu Panda and Madagascar and spent a lot of time detailing each piece. There were some neat stats like the 100,000 story boards that it took to make Shrek.

Photo courtesy Yoriko Ito

Photo courtesy Yoriko Ito

My favourite exhibit was the immersive experience in the How to Train Your Dragon section. You’ll have to check it out for yourself, but the sensation of having your vision dominated by dragon and swooping over villages is a lot of fun.

I easily spent an hour at the exhibition and then popped next door to check out the interactive bliss that is Screen Worlds (great date idea, guys)…

ACMI is hosting late night sessions every Thursday from 6pm-9pm, check them out here.

– Ruki

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were at the event courtesy of ACMI.