Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017: Phill Jupitus

Phill Jupitus is a talented guy.  He first came to public prominence under the guise of Porky the Poet, reading his own radical punk poetry on the burgeoning indie music scene in the mid-eighties.  He is best known as a captain on the popular music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks ten years later.  He’s an accomplished artist, with a huge catalogue of material behind him.  And he starts his show strumming in some style a guitar, whilst singing a derogatory song all about owls.  ‘This next one’s about seagulls’ he jokes, it was actually a rather witty paean about the pointlessness of Coldplay.  Very witty and a great start to the show.

Phill has recently moved to Scotland from London so he has a lot of tales about attempting to merge into Scottish life.  Some of the material here seemed spontaneous as Phill took a fit of the giggles and apologised, saying this was the first time he’d heard the material too!  The audience were lapping it up and Phill seemed to have a great pool of material to plunge into and he continued to dive into it.  Stories about playing Glasgow Barrowlands and performing English political poetry to an angry Glaswegian crowd certainly left a scar, as Phill recounts with much humour.

However, after completing a 20 minute, exceptionally funny, skit about the chip shop just a couple of hundred yards away from the venue, I’m sure many people suddenly feeling hungry probably made a beeline for that very eating establishment.  I hope he’s on commission with them as that performance could possibly the first instance of subliminal advertising during a show at the Fringe!

Marvellous stuff, I enjoyed greatly.

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