Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017: Jonny Awsum

You may have heard of Jonny Awsum.  If you watch Britain’s Got Talent almost certainly you will have.  His audition on the show has now been watched by 1.3 million viewers on YouTube.  If you are not a fan of the show though and you are expecting some lame middle of the road light entertainment slot then think again as Jonnys show is well, awesome.

The show centres around a true story.  Jonny makes a promise to his young daughter that one day he will perform at the O2 arena and the show tells the tale as he faces rejection and humiliation at every turn as the promise becomes an obsession and his dream begins to consume him.

Jonny has a witty use of a projection screen which shows videos and pictures to enhance his tale.  He also has written many songs for the show and there is a lot of audience interaction so the mix of all these factors keep the show moving along with variety, and plenty of humour. I liked particularly a song where his daughter and her friends sing along on a pre-recorded backing track, it was very sweet and very funny.

There is also a lot of emotion involved, and I genuinely was moved close to tears with some of the heart-warming interaction between Jonny and his daughter.

So did he get to play the O2? I don’t want to spoil the story, for a funny and uplifting show why not go catch it and find out the answer yourself.


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