Making your own lovely lingerie at a fabulous boutique in Edinburgh



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On a typically rainy autumn Sunday in Edinburgh we were warmly welcomed with a huge glass of champagne and the friendliest of smiles from JoJo, owner of the newly renovated boutique Lilies and Dreams in the heart of Stockbridge.  Today’s event was a collaborations with one of their new designers, Hazel at Mischke lingerie, for an exciting ‘make your own’ event.

As part of Stockfest 2015, Hazel and JoJo have teamed up to let us try our hand at marbling.  This shockingly easy process of dabing some paints into a watery type liquid allowed us to show our creative sides by swirling and swishing.  Quite literally standing in the window, it brought a new meaning to window display as people peered in from outside to figure out what we were doing! Whatever we did it seemed to created a fabulous pattern.  I couldn’t figure out if this was genuinely easy or whether the champagne was playing it’s part but I was really impressed at how good our ‘designs’ were!  Hazel then very kindly whisked off our fabrics to create our very own hand marbled knickers!

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Lilies and Dreams was a perfect setting and they regularly host events like this to showcase their current designers.  They will even let you hire the shop for a private events which I can image would be super in the evenings with the stone floors, classic Edinburgh ceiling height and vintage mismatching light shades.  JoJo clearly has an eye for beautiful things and the pieces she buys for the boutique are different and exciting.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events at Lilies and Dreams, I’ll be there with bells on!

Jane Pendry is The Plus One’s Director in Edinburgh.  She is borderline obsessive about good food and yoga.  After a year galavanting around the world, she has returned to her home town to pursue her passions for exciting events, food and writing.

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Lilies and Dreams

12 St Stephen Street

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited as guests of Lilies and Dreams