First band gig of the year at Valhalla

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One of the things I love about Valhalla is that they consistently put on great, well-priced, line-ups -and last Friday was no exception. Four bands, each of whom had their own distinct sound and style even though they all had heavy punk influences. This created a fun and energetic night filled with catchy songs containing clever lyrics.

Drunken Gunship

It was great to see a decent crowd on the dance floor when the first band, Drunken Gunship, took the stage; but sadly neither their catchy folk-punk songs or highly energetic saxophone player got them moving much beyond a sway. I would love to see this band play to a warmed up crowd.

Sicari followed on next and whilst they may have given a less energetic performance, their heavier alternative-punk sound (perhaps combined with some extra beer) managed to get a handful of people moving.

After a slightly lengthy break Gold Medal Famous brought their infamous show to the stage; and their lively combination of rock, funk, and electropop (with a bit of theremin thrown in for good measure) finally got everyone dancing. They really do put on a show that is as much art as it is music.

The night finished with the young pop-punk band MISHAP, who are possibly one of the most talented young bands I have seen. They have an infectious sound, are perfectly in time with each other, look comfortable on stage, and they engage well with the crowd – you wouldn’t believe that they have only been playing together for less than a year. Add to that some excellent songwriting which creates multi-layered songs with clever yet fun, lyrics and excellent harmonies and this is a band to watch.  

What really struck me towards the end of the night was that even though there was a very diverse audience, in both age and appearance/style, we all had a great time. That is one of the many reasons I love Valhalla, everyone is accepted there.

– Dell
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Valhalla is a fantastic, welcoming, music venue that has been the starting point for some of New Zealand’s biggest names. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with their events.

You can catch Gold Medal Famous on Friday 13 Jan at Caroline and MISHAP on Friday 4 Feb at Valhalla.

Photo credit: Dell Mitchell