Romantic Comedy in Divine Settings

Neptune: Made with Pride (may contain glitter).

Neptune: Made with Pride (may contain glitter).

Galathea: Into the Bush, on now at the gorgeous Grand Hall of the The Public Trust Building is a show about sex and sexuality.  A celebration of diversity and being a bit of an idiot in love, GITB literally sparkles with enthusiasm.  And glitter.

GITB is an adaptation of an obscure sex comedy from the 1590s, but the crazy-intense language has been updated in favour of crazy-fun costumes and gutsy characterization. After the town fathers pissed off Neptune, God of the Sea, he demanded a virgin sacrifice.  Two parents, each afraid their daughters will be sacrificed, come up with a uniquely Elizabethan solution: dress their kids up and drag and send them into the bush to hide.  From there, Galathea: Into the Bush is a parade of nervous but fabulous and sexy encounters.  There are baby-dykes!  Drag queens!  Jackie O tributes!  Fierce nymphs! A queer wedding!  Glitter, glitter, MOAR glitter!

GITB was developed with members of the LGBTQ community, and I can feel the love and care in every moment.  In an environment where  hate and division are used to preserve and solidify political and economic power, the love in GITB is a powerful political statement.

And fun! Did I mention it’s fun?  No?  Well, it really is fun.  The actors commit to everything they do, and as they flail about in love, buffeted by the force of their emotions, we get to jump into the crisis with them.  And GITB is a romantic comedy, so you know it will all end up OK.  There’s a wedding near the end presided over by a beautiful drag queen and complete with sing-along.

Galathea: Into the Bush is on until December 3, starting at 7PM at Midland Park on Lambton Quay.  Tickets from EventFinda or cash only on the door.

-Shannon Friday

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of TwinCity productions
Photo credit: Ingrid Saker