The Overnight at Open Roof

OR15_160Panorama05Toronto was blessed on the second night of the Open Roof Festival, with top notch weather, a full house and a superb comedy, The Overnight. The film itself was particularly enjoyable, perhaps because it wasn’t so outrageously implausible, but could easily be one of those WTF stories your crazy friend tells you. So brilliant, and so wrong! You can’t really lose when you have Jason Schwartzmann on the screen, doing his thing. That’s all I really want to say about this movie. Just go see it.

99 Sudbury was buzzing. An easy mid-week destination for the after work crowd even though it felt more like one big casual gathering where everyone sort of knew one another, at one hip barbecue. There were canine friends too.

Beer on tap by Amsterdam Brewery, live music and snacks all over the place, the vibe was good.

There are 8 weeks left of this wonderful al fresco cinema experience so check out the program to see the line up here. I think I’m ready for another round of Open Roof