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Russian Resurrection Film Festival 2019: The Plus Ones’ Guide

When it comes to world cinema, we Australians are spoiled for choices. After recently plunging into British, Jewish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Polish Film Festivals, this week we’re sailing away to Russia with Russian Resurrection Film Festival (RRFF) on its 16th year. …

Crazy Horse

Sydney’s September Top 10 Events

At a loss for what to do now that spring is finally here? Don’t fret, we, as usual have you covered with our list of September’s best events. Grab your diary/calender/phone and let’s get to planning your best month yet….


SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest: the 2017 gala event and winners

The SmartFone Flick Fest (SF3) gala turned Chauvel Cinema in Paddington into the place to be in Sydney if you’re interested in independent filmmaking. I mingled with the excited crowd before we all filed in for the main event: watching dozens of…


Sydney Underground Film Festival 2017 – The Plus Ones’ Guide

Looking for an escape from everyday monotony? September marks not only the beginning of warmth and splendour but also the annual Sydney Underground Film Festival. SUFF features independent and experimental films that infringe upon the status quo, and in its…

Sydney Film Festival 2017

Sydney Film Festival 2017: ‘Madame’

The ambiance of The State Theatre added a touch of class for the world premiere of Madame. Set in the city of love, ‘Madame’, starring Toni Collette and Harvey Keitel, documents the story of an affluent American couple living in…

World Class Cocktail Week

The Plus Ones’ Guide: Best Events in Sydney this May

Autumn is setting in slowly this month, but that doesn’t mean the city of Sydney plans on slowing down this May! Embrace the fresh air as you wake up in the morning and savour the splashes of sunshine – just…