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27 Things Worse Than Voting ‘YES’ by October 27

The same-sex marriage postal survey has been sent out to homes across Australia. It asks, “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?” to be sent back by October 27 at the latest. Here is our definitive…

Story Party

The Story Party World Tour- Sydney

Ever had a terrible date? Of course you have. We all have. Debriefing with your friends afterwards is a crucial step in transforming the experience into something you can have a good, belly shaking laugh at. The therapeutic benefits of…

Michael Shafar is Jewish-ish at Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival

Witty, genuine, and thoughtful, Michael Shafar is Jewish-ish presents one of Australia’s fastest-rising comedian’s takes on timeless material – love, family, and the thing about airlines – with a kosher twist. He’s had sold out shows in Melbourne, and I was…

Crazy Horse

Sydney’s September Top 10 Events

At a loss for what to do now that spring is finally here? Don’t fret, we, as usual have you covered with our list of September’s best events. Grab your diary/calender/phone and let’s get to planning your best month yet….

Khaled Khalafalla

Khaled Khalafalla’s ‘Loose’ at the Comedy Store

Khaled Khalafalla’s one night-only show Loose at the Comedy Store is the hour that you’ve always wanted. Nothing could prepare you for his devilish grin and his brazen presence. Khaled opens the show with his obvious quality, his ethnicity. He…

Hot Brown Honey

Hot Brown Honey Delivers Sweetness with a Sting

Hot Brown Honey will make you gasp, laugh, cheer, scream, and think. Intertwining song, dance, and circus, with politics, feminism, and comedy, the show is absolutely galvanising. Featuring a cast comprised of Australian Indigenous, Polynesian, and South African women, the…

Rhys Nicholson

Sydney Comedy Festival 2017: Rhys Nicholson – It’s Fine

One of the best things about a comedy show is discovering new acts that you absolutely love. At this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival I was lucky enough to see Rhys Nicholson’s new show I’m Fine. Rhys has steadily been climbing…