tick… tick… BOOM! – An explosive night out!

There is something ominous about turning 30 and tick… tick… BOOM!, currently playing at the Sydney Lyric Theatre, explores that life milestone and what it feels like not to have achieved all you wanted. The show is a semi-autobiographical piece by composer and playwright Jonathan Larson, most famously known for his musical RENT.

The story, set in 1990, follows Jon, a struggling composer in New York City, about to turn 30 and feels the world’s weight on his shoulders. He is torn between pursuing his passion for music or settling down and getting a stable job. Throughout the show, Jon faces a series of personal and professional challenges, including the HIV diagnosis of a close friend, and ultimately discovers what truly matters to him in life.

Recently made famous by the recent screen adaptation starring Andrew Garfield, Tyran Parke has taken an intimate show and staged it for a much larger stage. The set design by Christina Smith is straightforward, a static brick-walled stage with a couple of set pieces wrangled by the ensemble. The lighting design by Matt Scott is also noteworthy, shrinking the large Lyric Theatre stage to a more engaging space.

Hugh Sheridan delivers a strong performance as Jon, capturing the character’s youthful energy and vulnerability. Sheridan’s acting abilities are also showcased in his emotional rendition of “Louder Than Words”, a heartfelt song that speaks to the importance of chasing one’s dreams.

The rest of the cast members are equally talented, with Elenoa Rokobaro playing Jon’s girlfriend, Susan, and Finn Alexander portraying Jon’s best friend, Michael. Rokobaro and Alexander bring depth to their characters and shine in their respective solos. The impressive ensemble round out this small cast bringing an enticing energy to the show.

tick… tick… BOOM! is a must-see production that showcases the talents of its cast and creative team. The show’s message of following one’s dreams and finding true happiness is universal and resonates with audiences of all ages. With its strong performances, catchy score, and energetic staging, this production will leave a lasting impression on audiences.


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tick… tick… BOOM! runs for 90 minutes (no interval) and plays at Sydney Lyric Theatre through 26 April 2023. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

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Image credit: Jeff Busby.