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Wild, wacky and wonderful – the Alice Cocktail Experience Part 2

What do you get if you cross The Caterpillar, The White Queen and The White Rabbit, with giant smoking cocktails, human-sized chess, backwards mirrors, and Croquet? Why, The Alice Cocktail Experience (Part 2), of course!


A truly immersive cocktail experience running Wednesdays and Sundays for a limited time only, the second season of The Alice Cocktail Experience takes place in a beautifully converted space in the heart of Surry Hills, and offers a brand new adventure experience, bigger and better than the first.


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After being welcomed through the doors by The Mad Hatter, visitors are taken ‘through the looking glass’ to journey through a new alternate reality world – stepping into the shoes of Alice, as she returns to Wonderland with The Caterpillar, The White Queen, The White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter.


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During the 90-minute adventure, guests are invited to solve clues and discover hidden secrets in backwards mirrors, participate in a human-sized chess match, and play Croquet… and to join The White Queen and The Mad Hatter in the extraordinary Futterwack dance.


Next, The White Queen offers an invitation to her exclusive ‘Unbirthday’ party, where everyone in the room collaborates to create a giant smoking cocktail concoction (delicious, by the way!) and to try to untangle whether Wonderland is all an extraordinary dream or a crazy reality.


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For those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets for Part 1 of The Alice Cocktail Experience, you should expect a new and beautiful unique design, new tasty cocktails and lots of surprises along the way.


Tickets for this unforgettable 90-minute experience in Wonderland cost $40pp and include a welcome drink, two bespoke cocktails and a sweet treat. Guests are also welcome to stay behind afterwards and enjoy more drinks in the fabulous space.


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The immersive experience is now open at 280 Cleveland St. in Surry Hills, and takes place every Wednesday and Sunday until 30th April. Buy tickets here.


– Jonathan
Jonathan Leeming is a wine industry professional who lives and breathes wine. He has completed a Diploma in Wines, holds a French Wine Scholar certification, works as a wine marketer by day, and writes about wine and hosts wine events in his free time. A member of Mensa and a hardcore dog lover, you can follow him at @jpleeming, LinkedIn, and Vivino.

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