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Tech startup enjoys a POP of success 

A trio of young and ambitious Sydney professionals are throwing out all the books when it comes to the world of accounting. And I mean literally!

Patrick Sargent, Sidney Cachuela, and Mojtaba Jafari are the tech-savvy entrepreneurs behind POP Business—one of Sydney’s newest cloud-based accounting firms.

The fintech entrepreneurs founded POP Business after realising the accounting industry was not keeping up with the times or taking advantage of new innovative technologies.

While other small business tax accountants play catch up, POP Business has grown from 100 clients to 800 in the past year. Along the way, they have collected a few trophies including the Accountants Daily 30 Under 30 Award in 2020 and Tech Innovator of the Year in 2019.

Of course, with being so innovative and ambitious the accolades don’t stop there. When POP Business returned to the same awards earlier this year, they became the second-place finalist for the Firm of the Year, Business Advisory Firm of the Year and Fast-Growing firm of the year. 

The Accountants Daily 30 Under 30 Awards is an Australian business awards program that identifies some of the country’s most innovative and brilliant accountants. And, like any good awards program, the event is appropriately celebrated with a five-star gala dinner. 

The national awards program is free to enter and provides an extraordinary platform for the accounting industry’s most rising stars. 

It’s hard to argue with the awards and success POP Business is achieving when its mission is to re-shape accounting and bookkeeping services—all while simultaneously exciting and engaging small business owners with new technology-driven accounting services.

Determined not to do anything by the books (the physical books that is), the young co-founders are modernising business accountant services by embracing technology, automation and cloud computing.

“We have made it our mission to help thousands of business owners spend less time on the soul-sapping stuff like bookkeeping, payroll and tax and more time working on their business,” said Patrick Sargent, Chartered Accountant and CEO at POP Business.

With online bookkeeping services and virtual accountants, the Sydney startup hopes to bring accounting services out of the paper age and into the 21-century. 

There will be no more paperwork consuming the office desk or rooms full of filing cabinets. 

“We believe the key to a great relationship is great communication. We deliver information in an easily understandable manner that allows busy owners to make data-driven decisions to push their business forward,” said Patrick.

“We aim to empower business owners by providing accurate and reliable financial information that is communicated in plain English on a proactive and regular basis.”

So who are these innovative, forward-thinking fintech entrepreneurs?

Patrick Sargent

CEO, Co-Founder & Chartered Accountant 

Sidney Cachuela

COO, Co-Founder & Business Consultant 

Mojtaba Jafari 

CIO & Co-Founder

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POP Business can provide advice and services on company tax returns, tax compliance packages and more. More information is available on the POP Business website

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