Jam Shed Mulled Wine: Your Perfect Winter Experience

We don’t know about you, Sydneysiders, but we’re all about ‘enforced hygge‘ this winter. With Lockdown 2.0 seeing us spending more time than anticipated inside, we’re starting to try to make the weekends extra special. And what better wintertime activity is there than mulling some wine on the stove? Winemaker Jam Shed is making sure Aussies stay toasty this season with their mulled wine mix + jam jar add-ons with every bottle of wine purchased.

Jam Shed wines — the Jam Shed Shiraz and Jam Shed Red Blend — are smooth, rich, fruit-driven, and won’t break the bank. Sourced from vineyards across Southeastern Australia (mainly the Riverland region of South Australia), the Jam Shed Red Blend is a combo of Cabernet, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. You’ll find a nose of blackcurrants, vanilla pods, and of course raspberry jam. Clocking in at just $13.00, this is a steal.

The mulled wine mix is a step up from raiding your spice cupboard and throwing in some cinnamon sticks and 6-year-old anise. The ingredients are: dried ginger, dried orange, lemon verbena, cardamom pod, cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds allspice, and cloves. Just like the recipe below says, it’s great to complement your mulled wine with citrus — either orange or orange liquor is recommended. Without an orange, we went with dried grapefruit slices from The Essential Ingredient, which did the trick nicely.

Tempted to try it yourself? Here’s how:

Jam Shed Mulled Wine Mix

Serves approx. 4-5

• 1 x Jam Shed Shiraz 750mL
• 1 x Jam Shed Mulled Wine Mix Bundle
• 1⁄4 cup of brown sugar (optional)
• Garnish: Orange, berries or stone fruit, orange liquor (optional)


  1. In a saucepan, combine 1 bottle of Jam Shed Shiraz, with 10g Mulled Wine Mix Bundle,
    plus 1⁄4 cup of brown sugar (sugar optional)
  2. Slowly bring to a gentle simmer, not boiling. Turn off heat, cover and steep for 15 minutes
    (or longer depending on desired strength)
  3. If preferred, add slices of oranges, berries, or stone fruit, or enhance with orange liquor

Jam Shed Mulled Wine

Next time you’re up for a treat of mulled wine, pick up a bottle of Jam Shed. The best part: for a limited time, Jam Shed Shiraz comes with with a bonus mulled wine mix + adorable glass jam jar, for the same amazing price of just $13.00.


– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa recently made the mistake of using $6 goon for mulled wine. She’ll only go for Jam Shed in future.

Jam Shed wines are available now in Liquorland, First Choice, and independent retailers nationally at RRP $13.00.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were guests of Dialogue PR.
Image credit: Johnny Stephens & Theresa Winters.