How to Not Feel as Though You’re Missing Out on What Life Has to Offer

Having a fear of missing out is something that many people can relate to. It’s nothing new; feeling as though there’s something fun that you would enjoy happening without you being invited or being able to access it can be quite upsetting, especially if you’re someone who thrives on the social interactions these bring. This feeling might only have been exacerbated in recent times due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to several restrictions being imposed on such events. While these restrictions may not always be in place, they can be a reminder of just what missing out on big events can feel like.

Avoiding the feeling of missing out doesn’t always mean ensuring that you can attend everything that happens; sometimes, it means getting creative. If you’re someone who regularly feels this way, then there are perhaps changes you could make to how you think about these social events that simply mean less anxiety around the possibility of not being included, which is sometimes unavoidable.

Accept That There Will be Things You Miss

Even without the possibility of pandemic restrictions being in place, there will always be events and social gatherings that you’ll find yourself unable to attend, despite how much you might want to. This could be because of work, other commitments, or things just generally not lining up. Once you know for a fact that you won’t be able to make it, there’s no use in despairing, and dwelling on it will only serve to upset you further. With this in mind, the best move is to practice techniques that can build your mentality against such dwelling, eventually allowing you to move past your fear of missing out.

Keep in mind that fear of missing out isn’t exclusive to events and gatherings and can be more all-consuming than that, so it can be good to shield yourself against it even if you’re only slightly partial to it.

Find Your Own Rhythms to Live by

Due to the inevitable nature of missing out, a better way to safeguard yourself against it is to simply prioritise your own schedule instead of living by the calendar of social events. This is something that’s made even easier by the change in lifestyle brought about by possible lockdown restrictions as well. Finding a new hobby to absorb yourself in, or even beginning a new project with the help of an old pastime, can be great ways to spend time as well as to learn to enjoy time to yourself.

It doesn’t have to be anything so productive; of course, it can also be greatly relaxing; simply sit back and play some games on your phone or visit an online casino NZ such as Spin Casino. Letting yourself cut loose in this regard can also feel like a substitute for some grander social event and help you feel as though you don’t need things to always be so grand for them to be enjoyable.