Google Professional Cloud Architect Certbolt Certification: Explore the Details to Boost Your Exam Results

The delivery of computing services including servers, storage, networking, software, and a multitude more, commonly referred to as ‘cloud computing’ has become one of the most prominent information technologies in the world. In fact, according to research conducted by the IDC, establishing infrastructure to reinforce cloud computing now accounts for more than a third of all IT spending worldwide.

This solution is utilized by a vast number of services, from consumer ones like Gmail and Netflix to those applied in large organizations to store massive amounts of data and run a wide array of applications within the cloud.Therefore, it is apparent that cloud computing is one of the most innovative and engaging sectors of the IT industry to be involved in. Want to know how to join this field? Read on and explore the features of the sphere and the certification provided by Google.

Google Cloud: What to Know

Google Cloud is a suite of services that is available in 200+ countries all around the world. It provides a wide array of solutions related to infrastructure modernization, data management, application modernization, security, and more which makes it one of the most versatile and popular platforms in the world.

With Google Cloud being so broad, the number of businesses that utilize it is consistently increasing too, which provides lucrative opportunities for those who are familiar with the cloud platform.

Google itself provides multiple learning paths to individuals in order to improve their skill sets. One such approach is the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification.

Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

This credential enriches one with the necessary knowledge to design, enhance, and oversee secure, scalable, and dynamic solutions with a deep mastery of the Google Cloud Platform as well as cloud architecture.

A Professional Cloud Architect can:

  • Design and develop a cloud solution architecture

  • Manage and facilitate the cloud solution infrastructure

  • Complete tasks related to security

  • Inspect and streamline both business and technical processes

  • Administerthe implementation of cloud architecture

  • Ensure the credibility of solutions and operations

Knowledge Domains

Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification tests a candidate’s knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform on the whole as well as its computing services, management tools, IAM and security, networking, and a wide variety of other topics not strictly related to the GCP. Your solid knowledge in these areas is recommended before attempting the certification exam that costs $200 and lasts for 2 hours.

While there are no official prerequisites to sit for the test, Google recommends 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing architecture and infrastructure, using the GCP.


Cloud computing is a consistently growing sector of the IT industry that opens up a vast array of opportunities for success. The Google Cloud Platform is one of the most prominent services in the world right now, so gaining skills and knowledge about using it is an ideal choice for anyone interested to build a lucrative career. Now you have all the information needed, so it’s time to start your preparation for the exam!