Starting Your Sydney New Year the Right Way

You’ll probably agree when we say that 2021 couldn’t come sooner. It has been a long year – as 2020 draws to a close, the end of Sydney’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is getting closer and closer, and the city is starting to open up once again. With the weather heating up, Sydneysiders are taking the opportunity to start their new year on the right foot. 


With this in mind, it’s always a great idea to have a solid new years eve plan. Coming up with a good NYE idea can be stressful – there are a lot of options out there, and events tend to sell out pretty quickly. Not to mention, the pandemic restrictions in place don’t make things any easier. 


So, as we say farewell to 2020, here are some awesome new year’s activities and ideas that will kick start your 2021. 

How to Have a Magical New Years Eve

Starting with one of the more obvious NYE options, the Sydney harbour will be lit up as we go into 2021 with fireworks that you won’t want to miss. The NSW premier has made it clear that there is a strong intent to ensure that the event occurs – while in person spectating capacity might be limited, there are a number of ways in which you can celebrate from afar. 


Given everything that has happened this year, you might be over venue restrictions and having to avoid crowds – so, the easiest way to go might be to keep the celebrations at home. With restrictions being reduced, you’ll have the opportunity to get some friends and family over for an intimate and unforgettable NYE. On the other hand, if you’d rather get outside, there are NYE events being held across Sydney that will let you experience the fireworks with a great atmosphere (and without the responsibility of having people over). Whether you’re watching on a TV or manage to get a view right from the venue, you’ll be in amongst the action – plus, nothing beats a NYE countdown with a crowd. 


If you want to take your NYE efforts up a notch, getting out on the water in a boat will guarantee the ultimate fireworks display. As long as you are aware of the speed limits and exclusion zone that will be in place in the Sydney Harbour, it is definitely an opportunity to take advantage of – you’ll avoid the crowds, and will have the best view in the city. If you don’t have access to a boat, hiring one, or otherwise checking out somewhere like Grays will give you a good idea of the various options out there.

Keep the Party Going on New Year’s Day 

Even if you’ve had a big NYE, the party doesn’t need to stop there. New Years Day is a great opportunity to recover from the night before, or otherwise to make the most of the holidays and keep the party going. 


If you’d rather keep things relaxed, a relaxing day at the beach might be the way to go. With over 100 Sydney beaches to choose from, you’ll be able to decide between one of the more popular options, or one of Sydney’s hidden gems (check out Washaway beach). The more chilled options don’t end here – you might want to go on one of the various Sydney coastal walks, jump on a cruise around Sydney Harbour, or check out some of the restaurants, cafes and even museums around the city. 


If you’re still in the mood for a party and want to continue your venture into the new year with a bang, there are plenty of events throughout Sydney venues, as well as exclusive parties and celebrations that will continue into the night. If you’re stuck on where to go, The Plus Ones will keep you updated on what’s happening


If there is nothing that sparks your interest, an option to think about is camping – pack some party supplies, get the gang together, and you’ll be set with an awesome way to celebrate the new year. Otherwise, having some friends and family around for a barbeque or pool party will let you have a more intimate experience – you’ll get to enjoy the summer weather and start the year surrounded by the people you love. 

The Importance of Planning Ahead 

Whatever you end up doing, planning ahead and keeping in line with Sydney NYE rules is crucial when it comes to starting your new year off right. 


In regard to wherever you’re going, be sure to think your plan through. A great place to start is with transport – knowing whether you’ll need public transport, if you will have access to parking, and if traffic will be an issue will mean that you don’t get stuck anywhere. 


Aside from transport, think about the surroundings of where you’ll be going – staying away from the crowded tourist traps, and keeping in the vicinity of places for a late night feed will mean that you can have an affordable, fun night, without a problem. 


Finally, regardless of the plan you end up going with, be sure to social distance and be covid safe, have a good time, get your new year’s resolutions in place, and start the new year off on the right foot.