How to Get the Guys Night Experience at Home

We might not be able to readily hit the town with the guys anymore like normal thanks to the pressures that 2020 has offered up, but that doesn’t mean a good old guys night isn’t possible. There are so many activities you and your mates can do at home that you’re spoiled for choice. Call over the boys and enjoy one of these great evening ideas that come complete with laughs, food and a few drinks.

The Classic Barbecue

Sometimes planning an elaborate event with the guys just feels like a lot of hard work when a simple one might just do the trick. Fill up an esky with ice and beers and fire up the barbecue for a good old-fashioned backyard party. A wood burning fire can add all the ambience of a weekend camping trip without having to leave the back porch. Choose something quick and easy for the barbecue like a couple of burgers. If you want to add some entertainment, a pack of cards and a game of poker is all you need.

Poker Night

Whether it’s after a good barbecue, or its own activity, this one’s a classic! Whisky on the rocks and a few good cigars around a table where the sounds of the poker chips and riffling of card decks will leave you feeling like you’re in the best casino Australia has to offer. Keep the stakes low and the game simple because you’re there to have fun with your mates, not make money. Nothing teaches you more about your friends than a game of poker. You’ll soon be convinced you know their tells and each facial twitch will have you guessing what it means.

Beer Tasting

A beer isn’t just a beer. There’s been a revolution in beers and their varieties in the last few years and there’s no time like the present to explore what beer has to offer. Have each of your mates bring a few of their favourite non-commercial beers and taste them together. For an extra challenge try blind taste testing some of your favourites and see how many you can get right. Beer and mates are one of life’s best combinations.

Game Night

This one might be time sensitive but that means it’s something you can look forward to. Invite your mates over for the final of the Big Bash or that all important AFL game. Gather around the television to watch whatever sports might be on that week because sport is always better when you share it. Show off your catering skills and fill the table with good snacks and a selection of beers (maybe your favourites from the beer tasting night?).

Your mates are important and spending time together is too. These ideas are just a few of the infinite excuses to gather together and just enjoy an evening together, laughing about old times and making new memories. The guys night is a time-honoured tradition and we have a duty as men to uphold it!