Disaronno Fizz Cocktail

Disaronno Fizz: your new apertivo cocktail

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Disaronno at The Plus Ones. This Italian liqueur is an amaretto — which means that it tastes of almonds. Deliciously sweet, it’s fabulous with anything from Coca-Cola to hot chocolate. One flavour pairing you might not think of immediately: citrus. That’s right — almond and lemon go hand-in-hand. This summer, we’re all about pairing the two flavours together with the Amaretto Fizz.

Keeping with the Italian theme, we invited a few friends (including My Bondi Summer) over for a classic apertivo hour session. What’s apertivo? It’s the Italian tradition of having a few pre-dinner bites along with some refreshing alcoholic beverages. What better to pair with our cheese, nuts, crackers, and olives than Disaronno.

Legend has it that Disaronno originated in 1525 in the town of Saronno (‘di Saronno’ meaning ‘from Saronno’ in Italian). Disaronno’s distinctive square-shaped bottle has been pretty much the same since an artisan from Murano (yes, same as the famous glass) designed it in the 1970s. Fun fact: amaretto is actually made of apricot stones! While Disaronno’s exact ingredients are a secret, we know it’s made of burnt sugar, and the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits.

Disaronno Fizz Cocktail

We personally like to sip Disaronno neat as a nighttime digestif, but one of our favourite drinks of all time is the classic Amaretto Sour cocktail (which we love making). But as summer comes around, we’re in need of something a bit fresher. Enter the Disaronno Fizz.

Keeping the classic combo of lemon-and-almond, and adding in the freshness of a spritz, it’s the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon session with friends. Pair with antipasto, make it for a Sunday session in the park. Best of all, there are minimal ingredients and minimal fuss — simply add and stir, and away you go.

Without further ado, here’s the recipe for your new go-to summer drink:

2 parts Disaronno
4 parts soda/sparkling water
1 part fresh lemon juice
Pour ingredients over ice and gently stir.
Lemon slice
Try it, you’ll love it. Here’s to a summer filled with good friends, food, and fabulous Disaronno Fizzes!
– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa is always thrilled to drink one of here all time-favourite liquors, Disaronno. Follow her on her Instagram.
Disaronno can be purchased at selected retailers.
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Image credit: The Plus Ones.
Styling: The Plus Ones, My Bondi Summer.