Can You Get a Pet if You Love to Party?

So you love to party and attend a variety of different events, shows, attractions, and more. You enjoy being out of the house as well as spending time in it, and you love adventure. Does this lifestyle really gel with having a pet too?

The answer is, surprisingly, yes. However, the kind of pet you will be able to take good care of if you have a hectic lifestyle will be different the kind of pet you could get if you’re at home a lot more. If you love to party, don’t think of cats and dogs; there are other options.


Rabbits have always been a popular pet because they are very sociable. You might think that means you shouldn’t get one if you’re not going to be at home every evening to pet them and talk to them, but rabbits don’t just want human companionship; in fact, they would be far happier with another rabbit to spend time with.

This is why a rabbit is a great pet for those who go out to parties and events. As long as you have two of them, they will be perfectly happy together. Remember, though, you will still need to interact with them when you can, and of course, you need to make sure you get them treats and comfortable bedding to make their lives happy ones. Rabbits don’t cost a lot to take care of, however, and you can always use a Chewy promo code to help reduce the costs.


A lizard is a unique kind of pet, and it won’t be something that everyone wants to have in their homes, but if you aren’t into fluffy, furry creatures (perhaps due to an allergy or just personal taste), then a lizard can be exactly what you need. There are so many different types of lizards you can have as a pet, such as an iguana, a gecko, a chameleon, or a bearded dragon, so you aren’t going to be limited.

Of course, some lizards do need specialist equipment such as UV lighting and a large tank or vivarium to live in. They will also need specific foods, some of which might be live insects, so you must be prepared for that.

The benefit of a lizard, of course, is that they can be left alone for longer periods of time than other animals, and they don’t necessarily require human interaction. Despite the amount of equipment they need, they are, once you have everything, low maintenance pets.


Perhaps the ultimate fuss-free pet has to be the fish. You can start with just one or two goldfish in a tank in your home and easily expand to something more tropical of the feeling takes you. Whatever you decide to do, even if you want to have a pond in the backyard, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that fish will bring.

Fish can be as easy or as complicated as you want when it comes to taking care of them. A simple fish in a tank needs to be cleaned out regularly and fed daily. Asking a friend or neighbor to check in and feed the fish if you’re away shouldn’t be a problem.

Or you can choose to have fish that need a lot more specialist equipment and taking care of. What you choose will need to work around your lifestyle, but it’s good to know the choice is there.