What to Do After Moving Into a New Home

When you are planning a move, whether it’s just down the street, to a new state, or even a different country, your thoughts will probably go as far as the moving day and no further. You want to ensure you get from one place to another as quickly, efficiently, and easily as you can. What happens after you have done that, though? What should you do next in order to make yourself feel at home? Here are some ideas to consider.


The very first thing you are going to want to do is to unpack your belongings. It’s a horrible feeling to have to live surrounded by boxes and the sooner you can get everything where you want it the better; you’ll feeler calmer and less stressed, and you can get on with your new life with everything you need.

When unpacking, start with the room you are going to use the most and work on from there. For some, this will be the kitchen, for others a bedroom or living room. Work out what you want to get right from the start and unpack as soon as you can. You can also now retrieve anything you put in a storage locker from Storage Area and make your new house a real home.

Organize your utilities

There are lots of things that can be forgotten in the stress and confusion of a house move, and one of these things is organizing your utilities. However, if you want gas, electric, water, broadband, and a phone line, you do need to speak to the companies involved and let them know you have moved.

The best way to do this is to tell them your moving date in advance. This way you can switch over automatically to your new address without having to contact them again. If you do forget, don’t worry; just do it as soon as possible so that there is no chance of a disruption to any essential services.

Change the locks

If you are able to (ie, if you have bought the property instead of renting it), then changing the locks once you have moved in is a good idea. You won’t know who else has a copy of your new front door key, especially if the previous owners lived there for some time. They may have given spare keys to tradesmen or friends and family and entirely forgotten about it.

Of course, the likelihood is that no one is going to use a spare key to break into a property, but it is worth changing the locks just in case, and for complete peace of mind.


Getting out of the house and exploring your new neighborhood is a good idea. It will help you to feel more at home and give you a break from unpacking and rearranging furniture. Although moving is traditionally a stressful time, that doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself or become a martyr to it; if you want to go out and have a little fun, so be it.

In fact, leaving the house and doing something completely unrelated to unpacking and organizing is a good thing, whether you go for a walk around the block, explore the local nature spots, go grocery shopping, or attend a festival or other event nearby. It will give you the break you need to go back to the task feeling refreshed and ready to work.