‘The Right Way to Sleep’ Workshop – for Sleepless Nights

Having trouble falling asleep? We attended Our Family Chiropractor’s “The Right Way to Sleep” workshop and were blown away by the results.

It is completely normal to have trouble falling asleep, especially in today’s COVID-19 context when stress levels are at their peak. It may even be difficult to get into a deep state of sleep with all the chaotic thoughts running around rampant in the back of your head. 

Because of all these problems, I decided to attend Our Family Chiropractor’s recent workshop event – “The Right Way to Sleep” – in hopes that I would get my first good night of sleep (finally!) since the beginning of this pandemic.

Having never been to a health-related workshop before, I expected a thirty-minute lecture on scientific sleep theories. Imagine my surprise when I was bombarded with a thorough list of practical tips to help me with my sleep. Boy, did I take notes!

The main tip our wonderful event host, Dr. Kerry Falzon (Chiropractor), recommended was keeping track of our spine alignment. 

She shared that ear, shoulder and hip alignment is extremely important to getting a good night’s rest, with the right pillow being key to correct alignment. 

From sticking it between our knees to using it to remove the gap between our waist and the mattress, Dr. Falzon suggested lots of advice on using a pillow to help with our sleeping posture.

Some other posture tips from Dr. Falzon I found helpful included:

  • laying on your back in a reclined position,
  • laying on your back with a small pillow underneath your knees,
  • laying on your stomach with a small pillow under your abdomen, and
  • laying on your side in a fetal position.

According to Dr. Falzon, these postures will help in relieving pressure off of our spines and help prevent back pain when sleeping.

However, more than all the expert information Dr. Falzon shared with us, what made this workshop so special to me was the engagement and interaction. It felt almost like an online yoga class as everyone could practice Dr. Falzon’s tips right from their own bed at home!

Dr. Falzon was extremely catering to everyone at her workshop, asking us to tell her our problems and suggesting advice specific to our individual cases to solve them. Dr. Falzon was extremely patient when listening to our troubles and when offering her two cents, balanced perfectly between advising and instructing.

Her genuine willingness to teach and help everyone at the workshop was a breath of fresh air and truly the support I needed during such stressful times. I even caught her offering some more tips to one of the pregnant attendees after the workshop.

Overall, my biggest takeaway from Our Family Chiropractor’s “The Right Way to Sleep” workshop was that I had to book a session with Dr. Falzon again. With her many qualifications (Bachelors of Chiropractic Science and Masters in Chiropractic) and extensive experience treating people, her work at Our Family Chiropractor is worthy of the highest praise and was exactly what I needed during such chaotic times.

Our Family Chiropractor focusses on providing chiropractic care and treatment for all who need it – and is conveniently located only a few minutes walk from Cronulla Station! Run by Dr. Kerry Falzon (Chiropractor) who has over a decade of experience in chiropractic care, you can expect your first visit to be informative, personal and catered to your every need!

– Richelle Lau
Richelle is a Sydney-based writer finishing up a degree in Journalism and International Studies, and is always keen to try out all the unique experiences Sydney has to offer.

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Image credit: Supplied.