How to Build the Ultimate Low-Cost Festival Wardrobe

Though most festivals were canceled this year, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the summer in true festival style – and prepare for next year’s fun in the sun. In fact, by actively working to improve your festival wardrobe now, you can take advantage of these low-cost ideas and have a truly unique look, you won’t be able to wait to wear.

Upcycle What You Already Have

If you have old clothes that you were going to throw out, stop. These are the perfect pieces to upcycle and have fun with. Fabric paint, jewels, and even scissors can all transform something old into something unique and truly special. Have a pair of jeans that just don’t stand out in your wardrobe? Paint them, patchwork them, try Japanese mending techniques like Sashiko or Boro stitching – the world is your oyster. Have fun and make something unique at minimal cost!

Have Fun with Arts and Crafts

Upcycling isn’t the only way that you can have fun making one-of-a-kind items for your summer wardrobe. There are DIY kits, online guides, and so much more. You’ll be able to create unique accessories, costumes, and even clothes just by following the online world.

Subscribe to Be Notified of Sales

Being subscribed is an excellent way to be notified of sales, but if you find that those newsletters have your impulse buying more often than not, then you need a different solution. An alternative to being notified of sales directly by the company itself is to set up price alerts. These can be done with browser extensions, so you will be notified when items you want drop in price, not just when sales go on or when new lines come out.

Right now, there are a lot of festival wear lines being released by big brands. By putting a price alert, you can take advantage of the instant they go on sale.

Use Coupons Before Checkout

When shopping, the easiest way to save on items you already want and are going to buy is to just check for coupons. Find a great bathing suit at JCPenney? Don’t buy it at full price, or even the full sale-price. Check to see if there are any JCPenney coupons available to bring the price down even further and take advantage of any price discounts at checkout.

This is easy to do both when shopping online and when shopping in-store. Just spend some time looking online (a few seconds is all you need), and you’ll know whether there are any secret discounts or codes you can take advantage of in a heartbeat.

Shop Second-Hand

For fun, eclectic accessories, and other items that you can upcycle or turn into DIY projects, you can always look online or in thrift stores for some second-hand items. There are so many places to shop for dirt-cheap second-hand items that can make for perfect festival-wear. Just remember to wash these clothes with white vinegar or baking soda to get rid of that musty smell we all dread. After that, it’s all ready to be worn as-is or upcycled into something fun!